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How we started

The idea for Póg began over ten years ago. After losing a lot of weight at age 16, and changing my lifestyle and eating habits I always toyed with the idea of creating a restaurant that offered healthy, low calorie options. I wanted to show people that living a healthy lifestyle wasn't just 6am hill sprints, and tasteless rabbit food. Somehow the dream has become a reality and we have been trading since February 2014. 

The food that we produce is fresh and wholesome. We don't handle any refined carbohydrates or sugar, instead our salads are packed with greens, protein, fresh vegetables and good fats. Most of our products are low in fat, gluten free, low GI, low in sugar, and full of vitamins and minerals – without compromising on taste. Homer Simpson once said "You don't make friends with salad", but I can assure you he was very wrong :)

The cafe culture is stronger than ever and we are so passionate about giving our customers the best experience we can. We travel the world to find the most innovative, exciting menu options and labour in the kitchen to make the best healthy/vegan alternatives to your favourite classic treats.

*’Gaelic’ for Kiss



Bachelors Walk

(01) 878 3255 

Tara Street

(01) 5374103






32 Bachelors Walk,
Dublin 1 

Trinity Plaza, Tara St,
Dublin 2


Bachelors Walk
8am to 4pm Mon - Friday
9am to 5pm Sat
10am - 5pm Sun

Tara Street
7:30am to 4pm Mon - Fri
9am to 5pm Sat
10am - 4pm Sun




All of our products are carefully selected to ensure our customers are eating good food that is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, good fats, and lots more. We also put a huge focus on the presentation of our food. We believe that every dish should appeal not only to your taste buds but also to your eyes.

The base of all of our salads is green leaves. Spinach, rocket, iceberg, and kale are some of the most nutritious foods that we can eat. Per calorie, kale has more vitamin C than spinach and oranges, more iron than beef, and more calcium than milk. Greens help in the detoxification of our cells, and they have anti inflammatory properties, green leaves also reduce our blood sugar levels and so they reduce hunger and cravings. We should include green leaves in our diet every day. On top of all of these amazing nutritional benefits all of the toppings in our salads are bursting with even more goodness like chicken, smoked salmon, almonds, flax seed, beetroot, eggs and loads loads more. While the taste and texture of our salads is incredible, they are also seriously low in calories and are served in huge bowls leaving you really full and satisfied.

We serve a selection of freshly made juices and smoothies that are designed to give our customers an instant hit of ‘liquid nutrition’. Our juices are made with fruits and vegetables to order. The process of juicing breaks the cells of a fruit or vegetable and it takes all of it’s nutritional goodness allowing our bodies to absorb their nutrients with minimal digestion. Freshly made juice is a great way to get your five a day and they also taste pretty great!

You may have spotted our protein pancakes over in Instagram, perhaps that is what has brought you here. Our pancakes are only 257 calories per portion and contain 27 grams of protein (before the toppings) and believe me, they taste as good as they look.

Our superfood bowls are wildly popular. Acai, dragon fruit and matcha are some of the most powerful superfoods around. Our bowls are beautifully designed with flowers, fruits, coconut and more.


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Póg, 32 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1 (Just off O’Connell Bridge in Dublin City Centre)

PHONE: (01) 878 3255

Póg, Trinity Plaza, Tara St, Dublin 2

PHONE: (01) 5374103

 •  EMAIL: Rachelk@ifancyapog.ie


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